Mahul Woods International Film Festival  (MWIFF) is a monthly live screening film, music, and screenwriting competition with a live Annual Screening & Awards Show Event in the land of natural beauty – Purulia. 

The monthly live screenings take place at the end of each month at the below mentioned venue. 




PURULIA – 723101,


PHONE: (+91) 9593383386

Man is the son of nature. There is an inseparable bond between man and nature. For man, there cannot be an existence removed from nature. There is an underlying order to everything in nature. There is a place in creation for all creatures. The forests, rivers and mountains all have their dharma. Today’s urban life has separated us from the nature. But sometimes we all need to go back to the nature to feel the essence of life.

The sole purpose of MWIFF is to celebrate the joy of creation in the lap of nature. Purulia is a land of natural beauty. The lush green landscape, verdant hills and dense forests make it a perfect tourist destination that gives a rustic ambience and peaceful surroundings to weary city dwellers.  

MWIFF showcases an outstanding presentation of independent filmmaking, while also building a strong sense of community around the art of visual storytelling.

MWIFF honors films from around the world with a vast array of awards in different categories and genres. Our mission is to discover diverse new voices & to promote artists’ work through numerous platforms. 

In each edition, Filmmakers can submit their projects to have them judged by award winning industry professionals against a high standard of merit and compete with other filmmakers across the globe. Every submission can add numerous additional judging categories, but MUST submit to a MAIN CATEGORY to be considered for additional consideration. Please include the names being credited in your cover letter. 

The monthly live screenings take place at the end of each month at an auditorium of Purulia. The Golden Mask Awardsgala will take place in January 2020 at the most prestigious auditorium of Purulia. All monthly winners of the period from May 2019 to December 2019 will be automatically nominated for the prestigious GOLDEN MASK AWARDS(the best of the best) and they will be invited to attend our Annual Live Screening Gala in presence of juries, critics, film scholars and eminent movie personalities from across the globe. Films entered in multiple categories may win multiple awards!


The officially selected project in each month receives MWIFF laurel and certificate. All monthly Award Winners receive laurel and customized certificate and are rated on their respective IMDb pages (if applicable). 

Each month, most representatives of monthly award winners are screened in Purulia. Besides the BEST OF THE CATEGORY AWARDS, there are also OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS, CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS, AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARDS and HONOURABLE MENTION AWARDS, which are given, in all categories.  

Each year we select the Best of the Best (From the pool of all award winners from all 
Seasons) and the FINAL WINNERS receive the prestigious GOLDEN MASK AWARDS and are screened in the theatre at Purulia in front of live audience. 

2020 Winners will have a chance to meet with the audience and participate in the Q&A session after the screening.



A thought provoking film maker Triptayan has always been researching on film language. His films are far from the madding crowd. Triptayan started his life as a journalist in the Indian capital New Delhi after completing his masters. Though he had been studying film from his college days, but directly involved in film making after coming back to Kolkata. Born in the year 1972 Triptayan is also a short story and fiction writer and at present also involved with different film festival. Traveling around the globe is his passion, where he actually finds the facts of his film. With the film he is still looking for a different horizon.